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Wildlife photo hides in Spain

580 Eur. September and October

7 days photo-trip.

700 Eur. 


November and December.  

7 days photo-trip 

620 Eur.  


Wildlife photo hide for great bustards
Wildlife photo hide for great bustards


We have Photography hides for wildlife photographers, on the steppe plains and on the forest.

Near to Monfrague national park and sierra de Gredos.

Where can take photos to great bustard, little bustard (Tetras tetrax), Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni), Black-winged Kite (Elanus caeruleus), Montagu's Harrier (Circus pygargus), Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) and more birds and wildlife to the steppe. Also forest wildlife like imperial (Aquila adalberti) , Iberian lynx, goshawk (Accipiter gentilis), etc. 



We have differents Nature photo hides for birds and raptors, at 1 hours and 30 minutes,  from Madrid Airport. Near to Extremadura, in Toledo Province.



Our wildlife photo hides for nature photography, are in the ZEC-ZEPA Llanuras de Oropesa, Lagartera y Calera y Chozas, and ZEPA Valle del Tiétar y embalses de Rosarito y Navalcán, two protectec areas zones. Steppe plains, mediterranean forest and mountains. Inside the European Nature 2000 Environment.

Photo hides

Hide to photograph Great Bustard

The place with the best landscape for take photos to great bustard in Spain. The hide time for bustards is from mid March, to firsts May.  All day session.  90 Eur session.

Active: from mid March - first of May.


We have 10 differents single hides for Great Bustards. But only take about 4 or 5 photographers at day, for take the best hides every moment.

The the ratio of succesful normally here is:

25% of photographers can do pictures to 20 meters. 50% of photographers can do pictures to 50 meters. And the last 25% of photographers can do to 80 meters. 

If you have a big interest in The great Bustards, is recommended booking two days. 

Hide Little Bustard

Session hides for little bustard, 90 Eur.   Active from mid april until mid May. 

The little bustard, is a dificult bird to photograph, every year her populations go down by the intensive agriculture.

We put the hide fixed in a LEK area of one male, where the male singing and jumping to call the atentions for the femalles.

Is need have a lot carefull for don't scared the male. is only one male for every LEK.  

Hide for Black-Shouldered kite

Wild nature photo hide

Black-winged kite ( Elanus caeruleus ) 120 Eur.

Active from Mid March until first to May


 The wildlife photo hide for Black winged kite, at normally is active during March, April, and May.

The Black winged kite hide, Is a hide for only one person, and without spyglass.

This is a very rare and dificult raptor in Europe, and is need don't disturb in her nesting zone. For this we don't want put more than 1 photographer at day inside the hide.

Is important follow all our indications, and be inside the photo hide in silence.

Imperial eagle photo hide

The Toledo province is the area of Spain where there are the majority of Imperial Eagle breeding pairs are found.


Our imperial eagle hide is located in the Tietar valley, near to Extremadura in an idyllic setting, with the Tiétar valley and the mountains of Gredos on the background. 


The Imperial Eagle one of the most difficult raptors to have sure. Our hide for Imperial eagle have a very good ratio of successful, about 90% of the session the eagles arrive.  

Active :  January, Februari, March, April, May, June, August, September, october, November, December. 


Price:  130 Eur  one photographer   -  120 two photographers by photographer

The location of our hide to photograph the Imperial Eagle is located in one of the most beautiful places for taking pictures of this specie.

Imperial eagle pair
Imperial eagle pair

Our hide for Imperial eagle, is a hide for only two person.  Then you could take more  original moments.

Hide for Imperial eagle
Hide for Imperial eagle

In this picture, you can see three of the four branches that we have ready for the imperial eagles, with the amazing background of Tietar valley and Gredos montains 

Lynx photo hide

Price 160 Eur.  (Discount for follow days)

Active: August, September, October, November, December, January.   


The hide for Iberian Lynx, are in a water point, where partridges, roe deer, as well as rabbits usually come to drink thanks to the tranquility of the area, these being very abundant in the surroundings of the hide.

This is a very favorable point for photgraph the lynx, given the large number of fauna and possible prey found in the hide area.

Our hides are in Toledo province, this province in Spain, is the region where the lynx females are having the best ratio of sucesful in her reproduction, and one of the regions in spain with more large number of lynx. 

We have 4 single hides in two different sceneries in the same area. 

For try to have the zone the more calm possible, all our hides are single hides. 

One morning when we was arriving with the clients, We see a lynx a few meters to the hides. He was thinking more to looking females by the mating time, than be attention to our car.

Hides for raptors in steppe

110 Eur. by photograper

Hide to photograph the raptors in steppe, Imperial Eagle at 80% of the times are arriving, Marsh Harriers, Buzzards, and Kites, is a good place for fightings photos.

Active:  January, February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, November and December. 

HIDES FOR HARRIERS. Montagüs Harrier or Hen Harrier.   Price 110 Eur. 

Active May and June

Some years we could have active a hide for Montagu's harrier or Hen Harrier. The time for have active a hide for these raptors, normally is May and June. 


Hide for goshawk,   100 Eur. one  -  90 Eur. two persons by photographer.

Active, during all month, but some years the goshawk stop to comming on april and may. 

goshawk hide
goshawk hide


Our hide for goshawks, is located in a "dehesa"  with pine spots. Where is comming different goshawks.  

Hide for bee-eater

Sessions for Bee eater,  60 Eur. 

We have a great colony of bee eater in the hides zone. 

You can bring Your innkeeper Branches also if you want. 

Active: April, May, June

                                                       Black Vulture Hide


100 Eur. one Person.               -         80 Eur. by person. for 2, 3 or 4 Photographers.


In the hide for  Black vultures, at normally will arrive the 50% to black vultures and griffon vultures. The session is starting early morning and end about 12:30 in morning.   


Active all months



Hide lesser Kestrel

Our hide are in a old building with roof with moss.

And we put near a natural perch for they. In all building there are about 20 individuals, in front of the hide normally do her nest about 5 pairs.

Lesser Kestrel 60 Eur. 

Active from mid March to first July

Valley hide



Price 100 Eur. one photographer - 80 Eur. two photographers by photographer


Egyptian mongoose, red kites and black kite perching  ( with Golden Eagle possibilities and Imperial eagle ). Active all months

The hide are in the valley of Tietar river, with the Gredos montains in the background. Is a hide for two persons.


The hide is in the middle of the way to a nest of golden eagle and  other nest of imperial eagle. 


This is a beautiful place where arrive the Egyptian Mongoose, also the kites come here for feeding and perching.


Many times can arrive a golden eagles or imperial eagles.

More species: Little owl, Great spotted cucko, hoopoe, roller, azzure winged magphie, golden oriol, Great grey shrike, nightjars, Red Partridge.

Little owl 


We have 2 different places, with two diferents pairs. One place is for 3 photographers and one place is for only one.

Active from mid March to end June. 


From mid June, is when the youngers go out of her nest, doing more fun the sessions.  


Price 70 Eur.



We have a hide for 3 persons in front of a old olive tree.

Active from frist April, to mid May. Some time the do two nest, and then we have active this hide also in June.


Price 60 Eur. 




The hide for roller is in top of a tower in front of a nest.

2 Places without spay-glass. Active from end april to end June.


Price 60 Eur.

Feeding and drinking pool 

Azzure winged Magpie - Golden Oriol


This places is special place for Azzure winged magphie, can arrive more than 30, is arriving all the time to the hide, some birds more can come to take food or drink. 


Near to this hide every year nesting a pair of golden oriol, and in a hot days, during summer, they come to drink some times. Is a difficult bird, the ratio of sucesfull with this birds is about 50%, 


Active Winter, and spring until first July. 


Price 60 Eur. 


Great grey Shrike


Hide for two person, without spay-glass. 

Active from mid March to end June.


Price 60 Eur. 




Is in summer, the best time for photograph this bird in the night. 

(Is not need bring flash).


Price 70 Eur. 

Red Partridge - Great Spotted Cuckoo


By the car, we have very good places where we can take good fotos of this birds. 


Great spotted cuckko is active from mid march to first april.

Red partridge is active from first march to end april.


Price 70 Eur.  

Low hide in Lake

                                  60 Eur. Session

Low hide for two persons

Stone curlew, Sandgrouse and more birds 

Information and reservations

Jose David Gomez




Tlf.: +34   685113112




Manager:  Jose David Gomez