November - December

November and december is a good moment for spanish Ibex, for raptors, and also for the cranes, they are here all winter, in her migration. Is the only places that we have two differents places where are arriving in winter pairs of imperial eagle. Especific hide for imperial eagle and Steppe raptors hide. 

November and December, are the dates for this wildlife photography workshop. 

5 days photographing.  8 photo-sesions.



650 Eur.  




you can ask about availability information in


Goshawk hide

Cranes hide

Imperial eagle hide

Spanish Ibex session

Steppe raptors hide


(The Valley hide ) Mongoose hide


PRICE 650 Eur.


- 5 Days photographing. 7 photo session. 


Not included in the price, the hotel, and meals, but we have a very good and cheap concert with a hotel and Pick up to the airport service . For more information, write at


First day. Steppe raptos hide morning. goshawk hide in afternoon.


Second day.  Ibex at Gredos Montains.


Thirth day. Early morning Black vultures hide, afternoon Cranes hide.  


Fourth day.  The Valley hide. Eguiptian Mogoose, and Kites perching. with big eagle possibilities.   


Fifth day. Imperial eagle hide in the Morning.  Drinking and feeding pool in afternoon. 


We have the possibility to change some session about this planning, if the photographer want. 


Possibility dates: From November, until last week of December. 


-We could attached a day session for bonelli's eagle hide, or Black vulture hide, or change a day in the planning if the client want.



Possibility session hides for attached to the workshop


Bonelli's eagle hide

Black vulture hide







Information and reservations:

Jose David Gomez        


Tlf.: +34   685113112




Manager:  Jose David Gomez