Photography trip to Svalbard (Ártico)

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Photo expedition to Svalbard
Photo expedition to Svalbard

If you ever considered discovering the north pole, the land of the polar bear, in a photography expedition to Arctic lands, but the high cost of these trips has always was to expensive. 



!!!! This can be your expedition !!!!

 1.750 Eur.


A trip thinking and prepared to photograph the wildlife. Exclusive for photographers.



5 days in Svalbard, photographing the wildlife and landscapes of the arctic. From boat, by rutes, and disembarking in zodiac.


Artic fox
Artic fox

wildlife expedition to nort pole
wildlife expedition to nort pole

We will visit artic areas of the Forlandet National Park and Isfjorden National Park, where we will photograph arctic fox, arctic partridge, walruses, diverse birds and why not photograph or see the polar bear.




All in a closed group of 12 photographers.


All the activities will done alone in the boat for our group of 12 photographers.


This trip is designed so many photographers can afford this adventure.


 One of the species targed that we will try to see or photograph in this trip is the polar bear. But will be difficult, we will need to have luck on our side.


For make a trip with certain guarantees of photographing Polar Bears, it is necessary to do a longer trips and much more expensive, around 3 times the price of our expedition. And even then, you can not give guarantees of successfull  Photographing polar bears.


All photos have been taken on our trips made in May

The wildlife of Spitsbergen, is the main objective of our trip, stopping at each moment everything necessary to be able to photograph. We have planned different departures for do this, allways thinking in wildlife photography

Spitsbergen (Svalbard), is one of the most desired destinations by all nature photographers. For her wonderfull wildlife, also it is one of the best places to observe the polar bears. With some of the most amazing and inhospitable landscapes that can be photographed.




-Five routes with armed guide through looking in areas to photograph wildlife. In the late evening.


-Four outings, 8 hours every day by rapid boat, photographing fauna and landscapes, and trying to find the polar bears, including disembarkation in Poolepynten, in the walrus colony.

When the photographic possibilities are many, there is still time to take more creative photos. The Arctic place we will have differents possibilities for our creativity. Shooting in high light, minimalism of the wildlife on the horizon of a white cape of snow, ........


And of course....... Lanscape



Photo by Pepo Navarro May 2018
Photo by Pepo Navarro May 2018



Activities, 1.750 Eur (9 photo-session). 5 Days


5 days of photography in Svalbard, in "closed group" of 12 photographers.


-4 departures by rapid-boat, with a landing. -5 photographic outings during the evenings,  with transport and with armed guide.




In the price is not included:

-The hotel.  We have a very good concert, with the tour operators for ours clientes have a very good price and discount in the accomodatión. 

-All flights for arrive to longyearbyen airport. 


Informatión and booking: 


- Tlf.: +34 685113112

 Jose David Gomez 



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Jose David Gomez        


Tlf.: +34   685113112




Manager:  Jose David Gomez